Monday, November 14, 2016

SQL Relay 0.67.0 Release Announcement

Version 0.67.0 of SQL Relay, the powerful connection pool, load balancer, query router, and database proxy, is now available.

This release mainly fixes a bunch of obscure bugs in the MySQL drop-in replacement library. A 1-byte blob-related memory leak has been fixed. An obscure bug in the firebird code has been fixed. /etc/alternatives/java_sdk is now the preferred Java SDK. The server module API has been refactored a bit too.

Full ChangeLog follows...

  • general documenation clean-up
  • added missing all: target to man/Makefile
  • mysql_info in drop-in library for mysql returns NULL instead of "" now
  • mysql_errno in the drop-in library now returns the error number from the DB, instead of CR_UNKNOWN_ERROR, if no error map is provided, and the backend database is known to be mysql
  • mysql_refresh in the drop-in library works with options other than REFRESH_GRANT now
  • mysql_shutdown/kill in the drop-in library return 1 on failure now rather than 2000
  • date/time and timestamp types are recognized as binary types now
  • year/timestamp types are recognized as unsigned types now
  • TINY/MEDIUM/LONG_TEXT types are recognized as blobs now
  • mapping date/time to MYSQL_TYPE_DATE/TIME, rather than MYSQL_TYPE_DATETIME is the default in the drop-in library now and SQLR_MAP_DATETIME_TO_DATE has been removed
  • mysql drop-in library sets column flags correctly now
  • mysql drop-in library runs appropriate kill/shutdown queries now
  • mysql connection uses non-stmt api for "show *" queries now
  • mysql drop-in library runs "show processlist" for mysql_list_processes
  • mysql drop-in library supports date/time/datetime input binds now instead of just treating them all as datetimes
  • connection modules differentiate between date/time/datetime binds now instead of just treating them all as datetimes
  • added result set row translation module framework
  • updated firebird connection module to the fieldstruct.textbuffer instead of fieldbuffer for non-text to text translations
  • added support for negative times in mysql connection module and drop-in library
  • added translation-failure event
  • general refactoring of server module API
  • consolidated sqlr-scaler code
  • fixed a 1-byte empty-blob memory leak in the client
  • /etc/alternatives/java_sdk is preferred, if found, now