Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SQL Relay - 0.45 is out

SQL Relay 0.45 is now available.

This release has the following new features:

  • support for getting the native database error number
  • support for mapping native error numbers to MySQL error numbers for the mysql drop-in replacement library
  • MSVC projects for sqlrclient, sqlrclientwrapper, sqlrutil and sqlrsh (all work natively on windows now)
  • added autocommit on/off to sqlrsh

In addition, the following things have been fixed or updated:

  • ttl="0" works as expected
  • dynamic scaling of cursors works as expected now
  • fixed a few mdbtools errors
  • column aliases work as expected now with firebird
  • fixed a bug where if an app either enabled or disabled autocommit, that could become the default status of autocommit rather than what was set in the config file
  • fixed a bind-var-related memory leak in mysql drop-in lib
  • fixed return values in mysql drop-in lib
  • updated getTableList() to exclude system tables
  • applied Benno Lange's localstatedir patch to fix a case where the localstatedir command line parameter wasn't working properly
  • applied Renat's listener alarm handling patch to avoid race conditions and other issues with the listenertimeout feature


Stencil - 2.0.6 is out

An updated version of Stencil is now available. This is an extremely minor update with a few modifications to the configure script and a few modifications to support the latest version of Rudiments. This version requires Rudiments 0.36.

Rudiments - 0.36 is out

Rudiments 0.36 is available for general consumption.

This release features several compatibility-related updates, mostly under the hood.

  • Various things work on various old SCO systems as well as Ultrix now.
  • MSVC projects/solutions have been added and the classes that build cleanly have been included.
  • All .C files were renamed to .cpp for compatibility with MSVC.
  • Several changes were made to improve compatibility with MSVC.
  • Methods that gave access to internal structures (such as pthread_mutex_t's or statfs's) all take and return void pointers now.

SQL Relay 0.45 requires Rudiments 0.36, so if you're updating SQL Relay, make sure to update Rudiments as well.