Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SQL Relay - 0.53 is out

SQL Relay 0.53 is now available!

This release contains several significant new features.

The most significant is the inclusion of a PHP PDO driver.  PDO is the most popular abstraction layer for PHP and SQL Relay has been without a driver for it for too long.  Give it a try:
It is new though, there could be bugs.  Report them to if you find any.

Also significant is support for Multiarch systems.  Debian and Ubuntu systems have supported Multiarch for a while now and packages weren't successfully detected on those systems.  They are now, even on non x86/x64 platforms.

The init scripts have been refactored as well.  After installed, SQL Relay should integrate properly with the init processes on most Linux and Unix systems and OS X.

The SQLite Statement API is now supported, both versions of it.  Platforms that can take advantage of it should perform a little better and use less memory.

A few bugs have been fixed too, including a long-standing issue where IPC and socket-related files were left lying around, owned by whoever last ran SQL Relay.  This caused problems if a different user tried to run it.  They are removed now and things work as expected.

The PHP Pear DB and Zope drivers have been removed too.  Packages aren't even available for them on most systems.  Zope is still well-used and I might resurrect the driver some day.  PHP Pear DB seems to have fallen so out of fashion that it's hard to even test it any more.

The sqlr-start program no longer attempts to start the sqlr-cachemanager.  Honestly, it's quirky that it ever did.  There are separate init scripts for them now as well.

What else..

Fixes for a few unlikely-to-be-encountered memory leaks and a few more obscure features.

Complete ChangeLog follows:
  • added support for sqlite statement api and native binds
  • fixed some leaks related to using sys::getHostName()
  • added multiarch detection
  • added PHP PDO driver
  • fixed a bind variable translation bug where output binds followed by := would not be detected
  • dropped zope support (for now)
  • dropped PHP Pear DB support
  • refactored init script - one script should work on all platforms now
  • updated init script installation - should work on virtually all unixes
  • added OS X launchd configuration
  • updated the sqlr-listener to clean up files related to ipc, sockets and marking whether the db is up or down on exit
  • sqlr-start no longer starts the cache manager
  • added a second init script for the cache manager
  • plugins are statically linked into libsqlrserver if the platform doesn't support shared libraries (or if --disable-shared is specified at configure time)
  • the perl API should build with old versions of perl (5.00X) on older platforms (redhat 4.2, 5.2, 6.2, etc.) now
  • updated postgresql bind docs
  • added dateyyyyddmm parameter
  • added yyyyddmm parameter to translatedates translation
  • added SQLR_MYSQL_DATE_YYYYDDMM envrionment variable to mysql drop-in library
  • added SQLR_ODBC_DATE_YYYYDDMM envrionment variable to odbc driver