Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rudiments - 0.44 is out

For immediate release!

Rudiments 0.44

This release has lots of small fixes, optimizations and compatibility improvements.  There are no major changes but lots of refactoring and... fiddling around.

The most significant change is support for multiarch platforms like Ubuntu and Debian.  OpenSSL and PCRE should be detected properly on those platforms now.

Here's the complete ChangeLog for this release.
  • fixed inet_aton test to attempt link, not just compile
  • fixed vsnprintf test to work on arm linux
  • filedescriptor::printf now uses vdprintf, if available, if writes are not being buffered, and vasprintf, if available, if writes are being buffered
  • fixed a memory leak in filedescriptor::printf
  • added multiarch detection
  • applied Simon Martin's getenv-related patch to reset errno and allow getenv to return NULL - fixed a situation where an infinte loop could occur if getenv returned NULL and the most recent error from another system call was EINTR
  • added missing print() for const char *'s in linkedlistutils
  • tweaks for OSR505
  • a few xmlsax optimization fixes
  • renamed *Data methods to *Value in linkedlist and dictionary classes
  • removed print methods and unlikely-to-be-used static methods from *entry classes
  • refactored the static convenience methods of the *entry classes
  • refactored xattr code a little to make it smaller
  • removed static methods from filesystem class to make it smaller
  • removed some static methods from file class to make it smaller
  • removed the clientserverfactory class
  • slight refactoring of linkedlist and dictionary classes
  • various process class fixes for Windows