Friday, February 24, 2017

Rudiments 1.0.4 Release Announcement

Version 1.0.4 of Rudiments, the C++ class library for developing systems and applications, is now available.

This release primarily replaces the dependency on readline with a dependency on libedit. I'd used readline directly in SQL Relay for years and one day decided it would be better if it were pushed up into Rudiments as a prompt class. However, I didn't notice that readline was GPL rather than LGPL, so using rudiments with readline wasn't necessarily GPL compliant. Actually, I guess it would only not be compliant if the application it was ultimately linked into wasn't a GPL application... But, to eschew any such doubts, Rudiments now uses libedit (which has a BSD license) instead of readline.

Some other, extremely obscure, features were added too.

Full Changelog follows.

  • added support for EOT to codetree
  • added loop-avoidance to xmldomevents class
  • added alias support to codetree class
  • replaced readline with libedit
  • included implementation of history_truncate_file for versions of libedit that don't provide it
  • added --disable-wall and --disable-werror configure options