Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rudiments 1.0.0 Release Announcement

Version 1.0.0 of Rudiments, the C++ class library for developing systems and applications, is now available.

Yes, that's right, 1.0.0. It's been a very long time coming, but Rudiments has finally become stable enough to call it version 1. The last few releases have been aggressively targeting this. Now it's time.

So, is Rudiments complete? Hardly. But, the core API has been stable enough, for long enough. Also, the general design has proven to make it easy enough to modify the internals quite a bit without changing the API or ABI. For the most part, anyway.

So what's new in this release? Lots of little fixes. Several features that I've been putting off adding. Several bugs that I've been putting off fixing.

Probably the most significant change is the addition of an avltree class and use of it in various places.

Other big changes include refactoring of the thread class such that the thread and process classes both follow the same spawn/detach/exit/wait paradigm, and refactoring of the filesystem class so that it and the file class both follow the same open/getCurrentProperties/close paradigm.

An md5 class was also added. It and the sha1 class are now children of a hash class.

Full ChangeLog follows:

  • images directory and contents are installed with the docs now
  • added md5 class
  • moved sendSignal/raiseSignal to process class
  • implemented process::backtrace() for windows
  • added missing charstring::getLastOfSet(OrEnd) methods
  • refactored thread class to match process class paradigm
  • added avltree class
  • updated dictionary to use an avltree
  • update xmldom to use a dictionary for its string cache
  • file::getContents(fd) gets the entire file contents now, even if the current position in the file isn't the beginning
  • fixed detection of whether timed semaphore ops are supported on platforms that just implement semtimedop() to return -1 and set ENOSYS
  • fake certs aren't generated now (in tests) on Windows, if ssl is disabled, or if openssl isn't found
  • added charstring::isYes/isNo
  • fixed high/low-bits calculation bugs in memorymap and sharedmemory for Windows
  • fixed a maxsize bug in memorymap for Windows
  • changed filesystem paradigm to match file paradigm - open/close/getCurrentProperties
  • added O_BINARY to various open()'s in file class
  • fixed threadmutex::wait() return value on Windows
  • fixed timezone offset during DST for systems with the "timezone" external variable
  • filesystem class returns NULL consistently for methods that return const char * but that aren't implemented by the OS
  • sys::getSuggested* return 1024 if they are unsupported by the OS now
  • added dlerror() calls before dlopen/dlsym/dlclose to clear stale errors
  • added fs type-name to fs type-id mapping for systems with statvfs
  • added type-name and type-id for SCO htfs
  • if unsetenv doesn't exist, then environment::remove() checks to see if the variable exists at all before setting it to an empty string now, to avoid creating it unnecessarily
  • xmldomnode writes out numeric entites like È correctly now
  • fixed groupentry::initialize(NULL) on UnixWare
  • implemented missing unixsocketserver::close()
  • fixed filesystem::open(fd) for Windows 8+
  • fixed file::changeOwner() for Windows 8+
  • initialized timeremaining in snooze::nanosnooze for systems that don't set it at all if the full sleep occurred (eg. arm64 linux)
  • renamed linkedlistutil_* to node_*
  • added commandline::getValue/found that take arg and abbr parameters
  • added supported() methods to sharedmemory/semaphoreset classes
  • renamed supportsXXX() methods to supported()
  • unix sockets are faked on syllable now
  • tweaked dynamicarray::find() to greatly reduce the number of comparisons it does and improve performance significantly
  • various performance tweaks to memorypool
  • updated memory pool to 8-byte-align allocations
  • renamed filedescriptor::get/setTcpRead/WriteBufferSize to
  • filedescriptor::get/setSocketRead/WriteBufferSize
  • fixed *entry::getAliasList() to return NULL under all circumstances if there are no aliases
  • added missing libraries to the library link command