Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rudiments - 0.45 is out

Rudiments version 0.45 is now available!

Support for microseconds has been added to the datetime class. There's a new thread class too. A significant bug that caused all socket connect() calls with timeouts to fail has been also been fixed.

The most significant feature of this release though is that most of the classes have been ported to Windows. There are still some that haven't but a lot have.

Here's the full Changelog.

  • got the directory class working on windows
  • got the semaphoreset class working on windows
  • implemented passwd/groupentry::getSid and an internal id-name-sid map for windows
  • removed meaningless groupentry::getPassword
  • improved filesystem class implementation for Windows significantly
  • added a test for the memorymap class
  • got the memorymap class implementation working on Windows
  • got the sharedmemory class working on windows
  • added support for microseconds to the datetime class
  • build-tweaks for mingw32
  • added process::spawn that maps more cleanly on windows than fork/exec
  • added thread class
  • added send/receiveSocket methods to filedescriptor class for systems like Windows that distinguish between sockets and other file descriptors
  • improved file class implementation for Windows
  • fixed a bug that caused all connect-with-timeout calls to fail
  • fixed a bug that caused permissions::setFilePermissions to fail on directories