Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rudiments - 0.37 is out

Rudiments 0.37 is now available!

This release features the following new features and bug fixes:

  • updated logger to exclude : if header isn't supplied
  • updated logger not to print double-returns after each log message
  • added file::createPipe()
  • fixed net-to-host and host-to-net byte order conversions for 64-bit integers on windows
  • fixed charstring::copy that I'd broken in 0.36
  • fixed missing [] in a delete in filedescriptor::read() with terminator that could cause leaks and corruption
  • fixed a leak in filedescriptor::read() with terminator that could occur when it fell through with an error, timeout or 0-byte read
  • applied Georgiy Kirichenko's fix to the safePoll call in filedescriptor::readFileDescriptor() - swapped true/false arguments so it would wait using POLLIN
  • added xmldomnode::getPosition()
  • fixed display of seconds from datetime::getString()
  • fixed optimum buffer size calculation in xmlsax
  • fixed several dlclose()-related bugs