Thursday, June 30, 2011

SQL Relay 0.42 is out

SQL Relay 0.42 is out (finally). This is mainly a bug-fix, stability and compatibility release.

Highlights include:
* Java api should work on 64-bit machines now
* Updated configure script to detect modern versions of db's and languages
* Oracle CLOB fixes
* Oracle cursor bind fixes
* A fix for the bug that caused address="" in the config file to prevent the listener from starting.
* The maxsessioncount parameter defaults to 0 (disabled) now.
* Many, many fixes for obscure bugs, race conditions, memory leaks and other stability-related issues

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about issues or submitted patches that went into this release. There were quite a few. Big thanks go out to Renat Sabitov for submitting a dozen or more patches and doing lots of testing